"Journey into light"
"Călătorie în lumină" | Author: Luminița Teodora Mănescu
This project was made for a lady who wanted to share her life story through a book. As her graphic designer, I had the privilege of joining her on this journey, providing the support and creativity needed to make this vision a reality.

One of the first important choices I made was to use pink, her favourite colour, as the main palette for the book design. I chose to include this shade to reflect her strong and vibrant personality and to make her feel comfortable and connected to her book.

Another important element of the design was the scale. This was used to represent certain key milestones in the lady's life and to highlight her evolution and transformation over time. The ladder was integrated into the design of the cover and inside pages, adding an engaging and meaningful visual element.

This project was certainly a challenge, but at the same time a delightful experience. In the end, we were able to transform the lady's vision into a book that will share her life story with the world. It was an honor to be the first graphic designer to create her book, and I hope this book will end up inspiring and touching the hearts of many.

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