I kept this visual journal for a year and a half. All I had to do was to illustrate or write every day something that marked me that day, and then I would comment on it with my mentor. There were days when I couldn't say that anything extraordinary happened, and this became frustrating for me, so I considered those days to be "blank pages" - they contained nothing.

All works in the visual journal were done in black or red ink with brushes of various sizes. I rarely used colored markers or watercolor etc. Through this technique I managed to get rid of a shyness and fear of the criticism I had in connection with what I was working on over the years. I felt some freedom of expression by using this technique.
Most of the time I used quotes found or invented by me in English. I have no logical argument for their use in this language. Many of these quotes were taken from the soundtracks of movies watched that day or from various books read.

Part of the work done in the visual journal can also be found in the dissertation project.

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